If you’re a landlord in Worcester County with a growing portfolio or want to avoid tedious management tasks, it’s probably time to hire a Worcester property management company. A property manager will help alleviate the burden of maintaining your rental property and take care of your tenants’ needs year-round. From building upkeep to rent collection and even assistance with eviction, property management companies maintain the integrity of your real estate.

Finding the property management company that fits your unique portfolio is essential. So if you’re wondering which professional property management company is the best fit, we have you covered! Just turn to our list of the top 20 property management companies in Worcester, Massachusetts, and the surrounding areas.

What to Look for in a Property Management Company

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First, let’s review some of the features of a quality property management company.

Massachusetts does not require property management companies to have a license to provide services. As a result, it’s crucial to thoroughly research a company and make sure you trust its personnel before hiring them to manage your properties.

Take note of details like the company’s website, reviews, and the backgrounds of their managers. These all indicate the legitimacy of the company and its ability to provide you with professional services.

Because of the variety of tasks required of a property manager, they should be a licensed Realtor in Massachusetts. Additionally, research whether your firm has a CPM Certification and is a member of the National Association of Residential Property Managers.

The Worcester property management companies on this list have all the above requirements. Read on to learn what they offer.

Best Property Management Companies in Worcester

7 Hills Property Management

Phone: (508) 340-4700
Website: https://www.7hillspropertymanagement.com/

7 Hills Property Management offers a wide variety of services, from rent collection to assistance with evictions. One of their unique offerings is a 24/7 bilingual hotline boasting “24-hour, 365-day-a-year peace of mind.” This company is ideal for anyone seeking a truly local Worcester property management company.

Real Property Management Metro Boston

Phone: (508) 408-8100
Website: https://www.rpmmetroboston.com/

With over 25 years of experience, Real Property Management Metro Boston is the real deal. Their service-oriented mentality means the experience is just as positive for the owner as for the renter. They offer free assessments of your rental properties to help you learn how to maximize your earnings.

Nexus Property Management – WOR

Phone: (508) 687-3001
Website: https://www.nexuspropertymanagement.com/massachusetts/worcester/

Nexus Property Management offers low vacancy rates, affordable repairs, and professional screening of tenants. Their 24-hour service line and a wide array of services are just some of the features that make them a premier property management company. Nexus has a successful track record working in New England’s former mill cities, such as Worcester.

Longwood Properties, Inc.

Phone: (617) 566-3100
Website: https://www.longwoodboston.com/

Longwood Properties Inc. is an ideal choice if you have both commercial property and residential real estate. With over 20 years of experience, Longwood’s excellent team genuinely cares about the properties they manage. They promise to aggressively advertise your property to find the right tenant quickly, among other services.

Premier Property Solutions

Phone: (617) 345-0045
Website: https://www.premierpropertyma.com/

Premier Property Solutions offers various services so that you can customize your experience based on your property’s needs. Premier Property Solutions cares for commercial and residential property with customer-oriented service and capital project expertise.

J Butler Property Management

Phone: (978) 315-0386
Website: https://jbutlerpropertymgmt.com/

Specializing in apartments and residential property, J Butler Property Management has served the greater Boston area for the past 30 years. As one of the older companies on our list, their experience is tried and true.

First Realty Management

Phone: (617) 423-7000
Website: https://www.firstrealtymgt.com/

First Realty Management is one of the oldest local companies with over 65 years of experience. They can handle a wide array of services, from residential property management to construction supervision. Their long history and customer service make them one of the most dependable companies on our list.

Avery Property Management

Phone: (617) 351-2900
Website: http://www.averymgmt.com/

Avery Property Management provides customized management contracts, condominium management, and everything from marketing to janitorial services. Their comprehensive services and strong reputation make them a great option to manage your property.

Kring Property Management

Phone: (617) 870-0988
Website: https://kringpm.com/

This property management company started as a “mom and pop” company and has blossomed into a successful, reliable business. The owners, Bill and Karen, provide personal customer service while offering professional services. This company will give your properties and tenants the attention they need.

Kensington Management

Phone: (508) 365-5300
Website: https://rentkm.com/

A veritably local Worcester property management company, their variety of properties demonstrates their ability to handle a diverse portfolio. With real estate expertise and a company culture focusing on community outreach, Kensington Management is a dependable ally in managing property.

Boston Property Management

Phone: (617) 282-1400
Website: https://www.bostonpropertymanagementllc.com/

One of the greater Boston area’s top companies, Boston Property Management is a customer service-oriented business with a massive clientele. If you have a lot of real estate, this should be a top choice for you. Not only have they handled over 900 units of real estate, but BPM’s data expertise also gives them an edge.

Meridian Realty Group LLC

Phone: (617) 517-0854
Website: https://www.mrgproperty.com/

Meridian Realty Group LLC is a Visitor’s Choice Award-winning firm dealing with commercial and residential property. Aside from their rental and management sectors, this company also has a real estate sales sector equipped to help you bring in the highest returns.

R & R Realty Management, LLC

Phone: (508) 234-3414
Website: https://rrrmgt.com/

R & R’s primary strengths are individualized services and a solid base of experience. With 35 years of industry experience, R & R Realty Management is prepared to handle every aspect of the management side of your commercial or residential real estate.

Sun Property Group, Inc.

Phone: (617) 765-0400
Website: https://www.sunpropertygroup.com/

This company’s diverse expertise and focus on maximizing owners’ returns make them one of the premier Worcester property management companies. Capable of managing large condos and apartment buildings, Sun Property Group can also take on single-family homes and smaller real estate. Sun Property Group will improve your properties with their brokerage and renovation expertise.

The Dartmouth Group

Phone: (781) 275-3133
Website: https://www.thedartmouthgroup.com/

The Dartmouth Group works tirelessly to improve your property and its communities. With world-class services and large-scale operations, this property management company can easily handle any residential or commercial property.

Round Room Management

Phone: (617) 487-8082
Website: http://roundroomboston.com/

Round Room management handles everything from full-service brokerage to tenant relations with a wide array of commercial and residential property. Round Room offers boutique-style property management, providing personal service, substantial experience, and insightful expertise.

Boston Green Property Management

Phone: (617) 262-3075
Website: https://www.bostongreenrealty.com/

With over 20 years of experience in the greater Boston area, this is a full-service agency with a results-driven practice. Their priority is delivering higher returns for you while allowing you to relinquish the management side of your properties. As a higher-end firm, they’re used to dealing with residential properties of every value.

Professional Property Management

Phone: (508) 829-8032
Website: https://www.profpropertymanagement.com/

One Worcester property company that has grown tremendously is Professional Property Management. In their last 12 years, they’ve nurtured an extensive portfolio with residential and commercial holdings. Their user-friendly online payment platform and comprehensive services make them one of the area’s most competitive firms.

Lamacchia Property Management

Phone: (855) 213-3410
Website: https://lamacchiapm.com/

LPM is best for owners of residential investment properties. With their core focus on developing residential real estate, their comprehensive services earn top ratings from nearly all customers. They’re focused on ensuring your real estate provides you with a steady stream of income and high returns.

Keyrenter Property Management Merrimack Valley

Phone: (978) 653-0000
Website: https://keyrentermerrimackvalley.com/

As one of the oldest Worcester property management companies, Keyrenter Property Management provides diverse offerings and technical expertise. This company’s 25-year history has given them the track record to make them easily worthy of this list. As one of the most dependable companies in the area, they manage every type of property, from family homes to significant commercial real estate endeavors.

Associated Painting: Worcester, Massachusetts’ Property Management Painters

These top 20 Worcester property management companies offer different strengths, but all of them will help you take the stress out of managing your properties. Remember that choosing a property management company comes down to your needs, including the number and type of properties you own.

Aside from management, upkeep and renovations are essential to maintaining any successful real estate enterprise. At Associated Painting, we’re proud to be the top property management painters in Worcester, MA. We provide the highest quality service and take great care in ensuring a job well done.

With offerings in commercial, residential, and even industrial settings, Associate Painting is the right choice for any job, no matter how big or small. We also offer concrete services and are the preferred commercial painters of Worcester, MA.