Worcester Concrete Floor Epoxy Moisture Mitigation

Are you struggling with concrete floor moisture? If so, you are not alone. Plenty of commercial property owners deal with this problem. Fortunately, Associated Painting provides an straightforward way of fortifying and enhancing the durability of your concrete floors through epoxy moisture mitigation systems. Use our expertise to transform your dull floors into shiny surfaces that can withstand the test of time.

What is an Epoxy Coating?

Epoxy is a polymer element in a liquid form that converts to a solid-state moisture barrier when applied to a concrete surface. Through this chemical reaction, the epoxy changes its state to become a highly resistant material. These coatings are highly adhesive and ideal for protecting new and old concrete flooring surfaces.

How Our Epoxy Floor Coatings Work

Our epoxy floor coatings are comprised of resins and hardeners. Mixing the two components leads to a chemical reaction that turns epoxy floor coatings into tough, rigid, plastic-like material. This material is durable, waterproof, and chemically resistant.

Benefits of Our Epoxy Floor Moisture Mitigation Systems

Our epoxy moisture mitigation systems offer optimal protection against chemical spills, wear from traffic, and vapor emissions. Our experienced concrete contractors can apply epoxy on any commercial, industrial, and residential concrete flooring system.

Let’s Work Together

Are you looking for the best epoxy floor moisture mitigation systems in Worcester County, Massachusetts? Associated Painting has you covered. We are the experts in assessing and selecting the best concrete flooring protection for your home or business. Our professionals will carefully evaluate your needs to formulate the epoxy coating that will best fit your concrete floor, and budget.

  • We have more than 25 years of epoxy floor industry experience
  • Our staff are OSHA certified and safety trained
  • We use only use the best epoxy flooring products and equipment
  • We manage all aspects of your project with an unmatched attention to detail

  • We can offer warranties for most of our epoxy products
  • Our five-star rating is a testament to our customer satisfaction commitment

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Hire the best epoxy floor service provider in Worcester, MA

Epoxy floors are extremely durable, making it an ideal application for commercial, industrial, and residential concrete floors. At Associated Painting, our team has decades of experience and the attention to detail required to deliver a long-lasting product.

Chemical Resistance

Epoxy flooring is a good choice for commercial and industrial applications due to its chemical resistance. In addition, since epoxy doesn’t absorb moisture that comes in contact with the floor it makes for a great stain-mitigation coating.

Increased Service Life

Epoxy enhances your concrete floor’s service life. This coating adds stability to the surface, allowing it to better handle heavy loads, and avoid wear and tear. This moisture barrier is great for preventing future surface cracks as well.

Enhanced Safety

Many industries have regulations that require moisture mitigation systems to be put in place. Our experienced contractors can also add anti-slip protection to increase traction when your floors get wet. Protect your commercial property with the best epoxy floor coatings in Worcester, MA.

Epoxy Customization

Our epoxy floor coating solutions can be customized to fit your unique use cases. For instance, epoxy flooring in an industrial kitchen may use a different chemical mixture than a bathroom floor. Trust our experienced team of epoxy installers to recommend the best products for your concrete floor.