Worcester Concrete Grinding & Waterproofing Services

We have the experience and equipment required to tackle commercial and residential concrete sealing and waterproofing jobs both large and small. At Associated Painting, we have built our company by offering concrete grinding and waterproofing services to clients across Worcester County, MA.

Customer satisfaction and a high-quality finished product make up the roots of our company culture. We leverage state-of-the-art technology to prep and seal your concrete for long-lasting protection against the elements. Whatever job you have, we have the skills for it.

Concrete Floor Grinding & Sealing

Concrete grinding involves using diamond-impregnated abrasive discs to buff away the uneven concrete floor to reveal a shiny surface. Concrete floor grinding is an essential preparation step to remove any coatings, surface flaws, and grit.

Associated Painting was built on this essential preparation step. We have the experience and equipment necessary to ensure your concrete floors are prepared and sealed properly.

Concrete Floor Moisture Mitigation

Concrete is a porous surface that requires safeguarding against moisture intrusion. Our experienced team of concrete specialists are thoroughly trained in the application processes that are required to protect your concrete floors against moisture and water intrusion.

We follow a methodological approach to concrete floor moisture mitigation by thoroughly cleaning and preparing the concrete surface, followed by the meticulous application of our specialized chemical coatings. Our high-quality epoxies penetrate the joints and hairline cracks in the concrete, adding valuable protection for years to come.

Concrete Wall Waterproofing

Concrete walls and floors share the same problem — water. Typically, you will first notice a moisture issue with your concrete masonry unit (CMU) wall by the tell-tail stains or buildup of frost on the wall. When you do, give us a call.

We employ high-grade elastomeric coatings to counter hydrostatic pressure in your CMU, or concrete block walls, providing much-needed protection and longevity against the elements. Our proven coatings help maintain the durability and structural integrity of your concrete walls.

Control & Expansion Joint Treatment

Control joint treatment is an important aspect of concrete construction, as it helps prevent cracks from spreading. By placing control joints in strategic locations, the concrete is able to expand and contract with changes in temperature and humidity without cracking. Our experienced technicians use the latest methods and materials to properly treat control joints, ensuring they are sealed and protected from moisture and other elements.

Expansion joint treatment is similarly crucial in concrete construction, as it allows for movement between sections of concrete. Our team understands the importance of expansion joint treatment and will work with you to determine the best solution for your project. From filling and sealing to the installation of pre-molded joint systems, we will ensure that your expansion joints are properly treated and maintained, extending the life of your concrete and preventing costly repairs down the road.

Concrete Sealing and Concrete Grinding Services

Concrete sealing and grinding go hand in hand. Grinding prepares your floor for subsequent jobs such as painting and tile installation, while sealing prevents your concrete from absorbing moisture.

Concrete is durable and long-lasting. However, its porous nature means it can absorb moisture that weakens it. We help you protect the structural integrity of your concrete surface by only using commercial-grade sealers on your floors and walls. Our industry-leading epoxy sealants penetrate the core and shut out any weather effects, staining, and chemical abrasion from your concrete floors and walls.

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