Fresh paint promotes positive attitudes and successful work environments. An industrial paint project can help your facility look vibrant before the next inspection. Associated Painting in Worcester, MA, specializes in industrial painting with many years of experience.

Find an industrial painting company that uses high-quality materials to aid in the long-term preservation of your building. Paint with industrial-strength protection shields your building from corrosion. Consider the following factors before choosing an industrial painting company for your next paint project. 

8 Things To Consider When Choosing Industrial Painters

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A professional painting company can give your building a new look. Before hiring an industrial painting company, you should research the company and its services. Asking certain questions will assist you in finding the right painting company for your property.

1. Read Online Reviews and Ask for References

Reviews can help you determine a company’s reliability and experience. A reputable industrial painting company will have a history of positive reviews. Generally, you can find testimonials left by customers on the websites of painting companies.

Ask for before and after photographs of the industrial painting company’s previous work. Also, request references and testimonials from past customers to determine whether the clients liked working with the company.

2. Business Credentials and Industry Experience 

Painters’ skill levels vary. A company that hires painters with memberships in professional trade associations shows more commitment to their profession. Additionally, you can verify the company’s reputation by checking with the Better Business Bureau.

Before hiring a paint company, ask the company for its portfolio. Consider hiring an industrial painting company with experience in your industry or sector. 

3. Ask the Company About Safety 

Does the industrial paint company you’re considering own its equipment? Most reliable paint companies invest in high-quality equipment and training. Companies that rent equipment may pass those costs on to you.

Painting companies must consider safety, especially during large industrial projects. The process involves using complicated equipment, including power washers, paint sprayers, and aerial lifts. Safely operating these tools requires proper training and experience.

Before hiring an industrial painting company, inquire about their license and insurance policies. Painting companies with a good reputation will have insurance for their workers. Insurance ensures your business will not have to pay for medical expenses if a worker sustains an injury on your property.

4. Choose a Company With Proper Surface Preparation Techniques

Learn how the industrial painting company sets up for a project. Ensure you understand the painting company’s process for cleaning and prepping surfaces. Ask your contractor the following questions:

  1. Will the paint company use specific paint products for your facility, and why?
  2. How have the company’s processes and practices become more efficient over time?
  3. Does the company use any unique tools to maximize results?

Surface preparation contributes as much to the life of industrial paint as the selection and application of the material. Painting projects often fail because of improper surface preparation. Professionally cleaning the surface before applying paint increases its longevity and durability. 

5. Inquire About Paint Durability and Industrial Coatings 

Painters should focus more on function than form for commercial painting projects. To improve the performance of the industrial paint, workers should consider the application technique and thickness. Trained painters will create a layer of paint that can withstand industrial environments and changing weather conditions.

Industrial paint companies prefer to use easy-to-clean, oil-based paints. Oil-based paints take longer to dry but provide more durability than latex. Industrial surfaces also require additional prepping with a layer of protective varnish.

Painting plays an important role in equipment maintenance. An industrial paint coating protects equipment from corrosion while preventing metal or plastic from weakening. Painting companies should know the types of industrial paints, such as solvent-based, waterborne, and powder coatings. 

6. Hire an Experienced Contractor Without Disrupting Your Business

Many industrial property owners face complex painting projects, including offices, warehouses, factories, floors, and machinery. An experienced industrial painting company should know which paints work on various surfaces, such as stainless steel, concrete, drywall, and ceilings.

A reputable industrial painting company will assess your requirements and complete the project on time. The painting company should aim to minimize business downtime while providing quality service. Before committing to a company, outline a clear timeline for project competition. 

7. Compare Estimates and Look For Professional Solutions

The success of any paint project depends on having a clear understanding of your goals. Do you require rust control, versatility, lower energy bills, or aesthetic appeal? Many commercial buildings with structural steel require sandblasting before painting. 

A majority of industrial painting companies provide long-term contracts with comprehensive paint solutions. An experienced industrial paint company can complete seemingly impossible projects and help mitigate long-term costs. While going over budget has drawbacks, avoid choosing an industrial painting company solely on price.

8. Proven Track Record and Warranty

Quality work comes with a warranty. Some industrial painting companies do not offer such guarantees. Be sure to select an industrial painting company with a reputation for quality service and a warranty option.

A reliable industrial painting company should offer at least a one-year warranty. Usually, most paint issues such as peeling and cracking occur within the first year. Always verify the paint warranty in writing before signing the contract.

Work With a Professional Industrial Painting Contractor 

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Associated Painting provides homeowners and businesses with professional industrial painting services. We give clients realistic estimates, allowing them to understand the costs of painting their industrial properties. As a company, we invest in improving our equipment, and all workers undergo enhanced training to improve their skills.

Our industrial painting services cover every inch of an industrial facility, from floors, ceilings, and beams to on-site equipment. Paint services include environmental coatings, low volatile organic compound applications, and multi-color coatings. Get in touch with us to look at our past industrial painting projects.

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