Poolsides, pathways, and building foundations often share a similar ingredient: concrete. Known to be versatile and durable, concrete’s ability to endure indoor or outdoor use makes it a popular flooring option. However, no concrete floor comes without its imperfections. 

Whether you want to refinish your concrete floor or plan to pour a new one, you must ensure your floor is as smooth as possible. Concrete surfaces may crack, chip, or wear away with time. Trust a concrete grinding company to give you professionally ground floors.

What Is Concrete Grinding?

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Concrete grinding rids your concrete floor of imperfections or irregularities to create a smooth, even surface. This mechanical process uses a machine with rotating discs coated in abrasive diamond bits to grind down concrete. Different grits produce results ranging from a dull, smooth surface to a mirror-like shine.

Some people use the terms concrete grinding and concrete sanding interchangeably. Others may call the process concrete honing or concrete polishing, but these terms refer to two more delicate types of concrete grinding. Honing produces a shinier floor with a low sheen, while concrete polishing gives you a glossy, reflective finish.

Concrete grinding makes honing and polishing easier to perform regardless of how shiny you want your flooring. A professional concrete grinding company knows which grit to use for your floors and already has the equipment and expertise necessary to provide you with quality results.

Is It Time To Hire a Concrete Grinding Company?

If you wonder if you should hire a concrete grinding company, let’s review a few indications that it’s time to do it.

You’ve Poured a New Concrete Surface

Whether you poured concrete as a walkway, driveway, or foundation for a storage shed, you need to ensure the floor is level. Concrete floor leveling helps the concrete maintain its integrity and results in fewer cracks or pits over time. A professional concrete grinding company ensures you have a smooth surface to use.

Your Concrete Floor Needs a New Surface

A concrete grinding company buffs out marks, scuffs, or other stains too deep for conventional cleaning. Some stains may not require a full resurfacing, though this can create pits in your concrete. We always suggest a full resurfacing, so you have a completely even floor.

You Want To Apply New Flooring on Top of Your Concrete

A concrete floor quickly becomes uncomfortable if you stand, kneel, or rest against it for too long. Offices, retail stores, and homes often won’t have concrete flooring as opposed to carpet, linoleum, or tile. Concrete grinding creates a smooth, level surface to apply new flooring correctly.

There’s Too Much Dried Adhesive or Glue on Your Floor

New retail stores or service buildings undergo renovations with the construction team stripping your floor to the bare concrete. Your concrete floor may retain dried glue or adhesives if you pull up flooring like carpet or linoleum. Smooth these out by hiring a professional concrete grinding company.

Your Concrete Floor Has an Epoxy Coating or Waterproof Membrane

Time and rough use can destroy epoxy coatings or waterproof membranes applied to your concrete floor. If you need to replace these, your first step will be removing the first layer. A concrete grinding company levels your floor out and removes these coatings from your concrete.

Your Concrete Floor Suffered Exposure to Contaminants or Dangerous Chemicals

Because concrete provides high durability, it’s common to see it as flooring in home or service garages, workshops, and even laboratory settings. These environments expose the floor to dangerous chemicals and contaminants that may become lodged in concrete pores. Concrete grinding destroys these dangerous layers and creates a safer environment.

You Want To Remove or Add Decorative Elements

Concrete takes well to decorative accents, often added while the concrete is still wet or by using chemicals for etching artwork into dried concrete. If you choose to add decoration to your concrete, a concrete grinder levels the concrete for cleaner application. A professional concrete grinding company works like an eraser for previous concrete decor.

Your Concrete Floor Has Peeling Paint

If you move into a new home, store, or other building with painted concrete floors, you may see paint peeling up in flakes. These flakes can be dangerous to your health. Grinding down your concrete floors removes this paint and creates a smooth canvas for a new paint job.

You Want To Apply a Sealant, Stain, or Polish

The proper sealant, stain, or polish results in a beautiful concrete floor. However, if your flooring has exterior damage or lacks a level surface, these additions may make your floor look worse than before. Before you pretty up your concrete, have it ground down to a smooth, level finish.

Your Floor Has Cracks, Pits, or Other Surface Damage

Normal wear and tear results in cracks, pits, chips, and other surface damage to concrete flooring. Once this damage starts, concrete floor repair may work at first. When you find yourself constantly doing patch jobs, it’s time to hire a concrete grinding company.

You Require Concrete Floor Leveling To Smooth Out Your Floor

Especially if you perform repetitive tasks on your concrete floor, you’ll eventually wear down certain areas into apparent dips in the ground. Concrete floor leveling requires grinding services to prevent surface damage in the future. A floor grinding company knows how to properly smooth your floors out into a level surface.

You Want to Partially or Completely Remove Your Concrete Floor

If your concrete floor has suffered extensive damage, it may need to undergo a partial or complete removal. A concrete grinding company has the necessary experience and equipment for concrete removal. Should you wish to not completely destroy your floor, a professional concrete grinder can guide you on how to save your concrete.

Do You Need To Hire a Concrete Grinding Company?

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Whether you want to repair, replace, or remove your concrete flooring, a professional concrete grinding company brings a level of experience that online videos can’t provide. They also save you time and labor by providing their own equipment and handling the grinding for you.

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